photo: Bea Bareis

moving day

Simone K. Busch
Ralf Bröker

through bare branches
a blackbird keeps singing
moving day

new ringtone – Schubert's
shepherd on the rock

woolen jumper
away into his wardrobe
old habits

cedar block's scent
whisking matcha

blue night
in a nursing home
harvest moon

out with my dog
now the torch gives out


falling rye
drowned by
John Deere

after the phone call
dough punching

parents’ evening
a slip of paper asks
yes – no – perhaps

split up
a pomegranate

airlines on strike
two men miss
their parade

along gingko alley
a Japanese tune

she talks about controlling

i throw a shadow
and watch it creep

best in class
again mates name him

evening hike
for scream therapy

tourists taste
local beer

as the glacier calves
my neighbor groans


at the entrance door
balmy wind

weed hides concrete plates
from 1944

the old ones so close
via Skype

Easter walk with
daughter's first friend

snow dances
under streetlights
last unicorn

a Hummer starts carefully
on black ice

roaring fire
in the mountain hut
spirits rise

having drunk her coffee
she takes an aspirin and leaves

a rainmaker
becomes homesick

date at court
ducks observe ducklings

next exit
maple moon

amongst wet leaves
parts of lottery tickets


misty morning
in my mind's eye
Joy Division

Wendnesday demonstration
aged woman's voices persist

sound truck
after sound truck better times
better times

sunshine dribbles
from Buddha’s nose

pink carpet
under this cherry tree
texting her

soft peal of bells
a brimstone butterfly takes off


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